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Observe the Headline carefully, and you will find that I have used three inverted commas! A new beginning in grammatical notations. Time enough to change and invent things. Here we go then with abstraction and visualization:

This is a singular honor to write the first headline post for World Students Society- Computers-Internet-Wireless. And I begin by'unveiling our world, our thinking, our dreams, and our inspirations. To end the ''nonsense'' of bad behaviour and improve Education,students Ecosystem and hopefully build a better world! Here then is a 'Reconciliation of the Start up Optima'.

Despite the miserable state of the world that also dims your future prospects, here is !WOW! that will through democratic discourse unleash the benefit of imaginative thinking, by putting yourself in someone elses shoes.
Truth and fiction at its best does that. Makes you realise the specialness, the uniqueness of others. That they are not there to bend to your will or to be walk-on parts to your own drama. They are of equal worth. I hope I have spoken fearlessly! And I dedicate this passage to the Leaders of the Free World!

Indeed, the most essential aspect of creation is that no single part or space can be isolated from the rest!
Leo Tolstoy, 1863-69- ''War and Peace'' wrote, 'for the human mind the absolute continuity of motion is inconceivable. The laws of motion of any kind only become comprehensible to man when he examines units of this motion, arbitrarily selected. At the same time it is from the arbitrary division of continuous motion into discontinuous units that a greater number of human error proceeds.'' Brilliant reasoning!!

Should the students at Cambridge ask the revered Dr Stephen Hawkins, he would answer you as such:'the universe is continuous and not granular; there can be an infinitude of possibility even within the most limited space.'

The notion that ''everyone'' and everything is linked together are linked together in an essentially ethical web is shared by most of the world's great spiritual movements.
An American Indian Chieftain remarked early in the 1900s that 'a man who sat on the ground before his dwelling meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures, and acknowledging unity with the universe of things............would be infusing into his being the true essence of civilization.'

In recent times, the great philosopher Vaclav Havel wonders at the mystery whereby each 'spiritual act is an integral part of the order of the spirit, and the order of spirit is present in each act just as the entire river is present in an eddy'.

Edward Said a distinguished contemporary Arab thinker defines the world poetically: 'Our very survival in a complex and interdependent world is now utterly dependent on the ''connection between things''. Of course, of course, what truly counts is the living quality, not simply the
coded quantity, that underlies these connections; herein lies the true distinction between lip service, communication and mere message exchanges!

On every continent news of injustice, violence, crime, victimization, financial malfeasance, corporate influence peddling, skulduggery has become numbingly commonplace.
The voice of integrity and fairness of Jean-Marie-Guehnno, formerly head of policy planning at the Foreign Ministry in Paris and France's Ambassador to the EU, was convinced that the current level of corruption and wrongdoing that pervades the world's political class is the direct consequence of the information revolution, global networking, and the internationalization of markets without countervailing procedures to make the new powers accountable.

Jean Marie-Guehnno warns of an impending ''end to democracy'', unless we can rediscover that a human community is not only a political notion but a philosophical and religious one.
Having lost the comfort of our geographical boundaries, we in fact must rediscover what creates the bonds between humans that constitute a community!

And,and believe me, that there is a widespread realization, as Gore Vidal wrote: 'that the floor of this ramshackle civilization we have built cannot bear much longer our weight!!'' Absolutely true!! So that is how and why the World Students Society: Computers-Internet-Wireless unfurls its flag!!
The students of the world are too bright,large,big and huge to fail!!

With many thanks to the students of Europe and with respectful and loving dedication to the students of France!

''One of the things people can do in the private sector is to have their wishes respected., whether that's for a very academic education or an athletic one or anything else..And part of the reason for that is that they are independent. We must give the poorer parents the sort of control the rich have so that they can be in a position of choosing between different schools and saying ''This is what I want.'' This aforementioned passage from one of ''The Torries'' brightest minds to re-educate the nation!

See Ya all on !WOW!

The Samurai should honor this post for two days and then do the honor of inaugurating and publishing it on !WOW!

Good Night & God Bless !

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welcomes !

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